Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Florian Preinstorfer and I’m a software engineer with a focus on free software, security and infrastructure operations:

Direct Tailscale connections with a HP ProCurve switch

A single setting on a HP ProCurve switch prevents direct connections on a Tailscale network.

Sync date and time on an offline Fronius Datalogger

What happens when one does not use open standards for common tasks.

Feeds 2020.5.16

Feeds 2020.5.16 is now available.

Assert in OpenLDAP with password policy overlay

Fixing an assert OpenLDAP's password policy overlay

Temporarily disable journalctl output coloring

Temporarily disable journalctl output coloring.

Tryton GTK client inside a virtualenv

Setting up Tryton's GTK client inside a virtualenv.

SQLAlchemy automap and custom types

Using SQLAlchemy's Automap along with custom types for convenient data access.

GnuPG key transition statement

GnuPG key transition statement

Automatically recover a failing USB LTE modem

Automatically recover a failing LTE ZTE MF831 USB modem on OpenWRT/LEDE

Export multiple SVG layers

How to export multiple layers of an SVG file using xmlstarlet and Inkscape.