A non-complete list of talks I gave at conferences and local meetups. Head over to workshops for professional in-house trainings and workshops.

Title Details
Gitea 2024, VALUG, notes
Home Assistant 2024, VALUG, notes
FIDO2, WebAuthn, Passkey und ID Austria 2023, VALUG, notes
Wireguard, Tailscale and Headscale 2022, VALUG, notes
Taskwarrior 2019, VALUG, slides
WireGuard 2018, Linuxwochen Linz, slides
Ein Blick auf SSH 2017, Grazer Linuxtage, slides
Ein Blick auf SSH 2017, VALUG, slides
Configuration Management & DevOps 2017, VALUG, with s.n., slides and examples are available upon request
On building a free software based development environment for a small company 2016, LinuxDaysCZ, slides
Scrapy 2016, VALUG, slides, demos, source
btrfs 2015, Linuxwochen Linz, slides, notes, source
Show & tell: Web development with Python using Flask & SQLAlchemy 2015, VALUG
Show & tell: Staying up to date with TinyTinyRSS 2015, VALUG
sport tracking and GNU/Linux 2014, VALUG, slides, notes, source
ownCloud 2014, Technologieplauscherl Steyr, slides, source
ownCloud 2014, VALUG, slides, source
btrfs 2013, VALUG, slides, notes, source
Introduction to private financial-accounting with GnuCash 2013, VALUG, with s.n., slides and examples are available upon request
Tor - The Onion Router 2012, VALUG, slides, source
Participating in Free Software Projects 2012, VALUG, with laxity and silwol, slides, source
Git Workshop 2012, LiWoLi, with silwol, slides, source
Covert Channel Protocol 2012, Security Forum, slides
Einstieg in die verteilte Versionskontrolle mit Git 2011, VALUG, with silwol, slides, source
Secure Web Coding for Beginners 2010, Hacking Night, with dosbartjones, slides