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A non-complete list of talks I gave at conferences and local meetups. Head over to workshops for professional in-house trainings and workshops.

Wireguard, Tailscale and Headscale
@ VALUG, 2022 [notes]
@ VALUG, 2019 [slides]
@ Linuxwochen Linz, 2018 [slides]
Ein Blick auf SSH
@ Grazer Linuxtage, 2017 [slides]
Ein Blick auf SSH
@ VALUG, 2017 [slides]
Configuration Management & DevOps
with s.n. @ VALUG, 2017 [slides and examples are available upon request]
On building a free software based development environment for a small company
@ LinuxDaysCZ, 2016 [slides]
@ VALUG, 2016 [slides, demos, source]
@ Linuxwochen Linz, 2015 [slides, notes, source]
Show & tell: Web development with Python using Flask & SQLAlchemy
@ VALUG, 2015
Show & tell: Staying up to date with TinyTinyRSS
@ VALUG, 2015
sport tracking and GNU/Linux
@ VALUG, 2014 [slides, notes, source]
@ Technologieplauscherl Steyr, 2014 [slides, source]
@ VALUG, 2014 [slides, source]
@ VALUG, 2013 [slides, notes, source]
Introduction to private financial-accounting with GnuCash
with s.n. @ VALUG, 2013 [slides and examples are available upon request]
Tor - The Onion Router
@ VALUG, 2012 [slides, source]
Participating in Free Software Projects
with laxity and silwol @ VALUG, 2012 [slides, source]
Git Workshop
with silwol @ LiWoLi, 2012 [slides, source]
Covert Channel Protocol
Security Insights @ Security Forum, 2012 [slides]
Einstieg in die verteilte Versionskontrolle mit Git
with silwol @ VALUG, 2011 [slides, source]
Secure Web Coding for Beginners
with dosbartjones @ Hacking Night, 2010 [slides]