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Workshops and training

You are interested in professional in-house training for developers and need someone who can explain the inner workings of modern, state-of-art development practices? I provide in-house development training and workshops for teams, packed with practical tips and lots of guided exercises.


Git is the de facto distributed version control system used today. This workshop covers:

  • The history of Git: how it came to be and its place among competitors
  • Basic understanding and usage
  • Usage of the commandline, various graphical interfaces, and IDE integrations
  • Collaboration in small, medium, and large teams
  • Important Git features required by your team's workflow
  • Development tips and tricks from an experienced Git user
  • The architecture and inner workings of Git
  • Interoperation with other version control systems such as SVN
  • Git services in your IT infrastructure (self-hosted, SAS)
  • Planning and support for a successful integration or migration
  • Common operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS

The duration of the workshop is 1-3 days, depending on your requirements and is available in German or English. The content of the workshop may be customized to suit your needs as best as possible. Feel free to contact me for more details or a tentative offer.