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Tryton keyboard shortcuts

The Tryton GTK client provides numerous keyboard shortcuts to speed up data entry in widgets. This post aims to document them along with their pitfalls.

Date, datetime, and time widgets

The client documentation covers keyboard shortcuts for those widgets, too. The rules are:

  • Lower case letters increase the value by one unit.
  • Upper case letters decrease the value by one unit.

The following keyboard shortcuts are defined:

Increase Decrease Operation
s S ± 1 second
i I ± 1 minute
h H ± 1 hour
d D ± 1 day
w W ± 1 week
m M ± 1 month
y Y ± 1 year

Timedelta widgets

Some fields, such as lead time on supplier use timedelta widgets. They also support shortcuts, but they are different depending on the user interface language.

The following keyboard shortcuts are defined for English and German:

EN DE Operation
s s 1 second
m m 1 minute
h h 1 hour
d t 1 day
w W 1 week (= 7 days)
M M 1 month (= 30 days)
Y J 1 year (=365 days)

Here are a few usage examples for English:

  • 2Y: 2 years
  • 1M: 1 months
  • 2w: 2 weeks
  • 3d: 3 days
  • 5h or 05:00: 5 hours
  • 45m or 00:45: 45 minutes
  • 1d 3h 10m: 1 day, 3 hours and 10 minutes

See the implementation for Tryton 4.2 along with the german translation.


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