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Around May 2012 I started to use GnuCash for private accounting. GnuCash is a very feature rich and reliable free software application and it allows me to keep track of my personal finances. I really like it.

But doing private accounting means, that I need to keep track of all my expenses and my income which can be hard to persist at. Adding financial transactions to GnuCash on a day to day basis seems to be an overkill for me. I won't do it all too long. But what I can do pretty quickly is to note my transactions with a note taking application on my mobile phone. Once a week, I get back to my notes and import them in GnuCash.

Furthermore, all the banks I use offer a way to export transactions in some format. Most of them are proprietary and none of them are compatible with GnuCash. The result is, that importing these transactions is an error prone and tedious task.

So, to ease import from the mentioned sources, I started to write a little script that can convert various import formats such as csv and txt files and export them in a GnuCash friendly csv format. I am aware that there are other formats that should be used instead of csv, but the csv importer of GnuCash is the fastest possible way for me to import transactions.

Currently, the following input formats are supported:

  • Easybank AG
  • Raiffeisenbank (ELBA)
  • NoteMe (Android notetaking application)
  • Paypal

The script is available on github.

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